Need for blood transfusion. Regarding other important outcome measures, available data suggest potency and continence rates are similar between the two approaches. While early data is very encouraging, longer follow-up with robotic prostatectomy will be needed to determine if cancer control rates are the same as those achieved by open surgery. The da vinci® robotic surgical system is designed to help the surgeon see bodily structures clearly and perform surgery precisely. The system offers the surgeon the same dexterity as the human hand by “translating” the surgeon’s hand movements into the precise movements of the robot’s micro-instruments. The precise movements of the robot are important when trying to avoid the nerves that control urinary and sexual functions. The system’s magnification and 3-d visualization work together to enhance the surgeon’s viewing of the prostate, nerves, bladder and surrounding structures. This allows the surgeon to remove the prostate and nearby areas of concern, while sparing structures that may negatively impact urinary control and sexual function. Benefits of robotic-assisted surgery robotic-assisted prostate removal (laparoscopic radical prostatectomy) is a minimally invasive procedure, with the following advantages: less blood loss shorter hospital stay faster return to normal activities smaller incisions and less scarring the procedure during the robotic procedure, a patient is placed under general anesthesia and positioned on his back. The surgeon makes six small incisions — from ¼-inch to ½-inch long — in the patient’s abdomen. Hollow cylinders called ports are placed in the incisions, and an operating telescope, camera and surgical instruments are inserted through the ports and into the abdomen. The robot is then positioned at the operating table, and the robotic arms and camera are connected to some of the ports. The surgeon sits at the console a few feet away from the patient, controlling the robotic arms and camera. The surgeon views the surgical area through 3-d goggles, which provide fine details of the body structures. Once the prostate has been detached from surrounding structures and the urethra (urine tube) has been reattached to the bladder, the robotic arms are removed from the patient. The incision near the navel is enlarged so the entire prostate gland can be removed at once. This is important so that the pathologist can accurately determine the stage of the cancer. All of the instruments are removed, and a temporary urinary catheter and abdominal drain are left in place before the patient is awakened from anesthesia. Risks of the procedure the da vinci® system is designed to maximize surgical outcomes for: oncologic results (removing the entire prostate for cancer staging) urinary control sexual function post-operative recovery however, no surgical treatment is one hundred percent without risk. cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra viagra cheap pills buy generic viagra viagra for sale order viagra online how to buy generic viagra While all pre.

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IFL Management's expertise lies in expanding American businesses into the lucrative Canadian retail e-commerce market.  Our belief is that any business, large or small, can take advantage of the opportunities international e-commerce can offer to them.  Our expertise lies in working with businesses to develop tailored, scalable e-commerce and logistiscs solutions that suit the needs of their international expansion objectives.  IFL can help with initial market assessment, to business model and marketing plan development, to the creation of supply chain network, implementation of the plan, through to monitoring and support of the project.  We are able to provide this level of expertise by leveraging our vast experience in e-commerce and logistics both internally and through our network of partners.